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Coming Soon: Operator

"A Linux Security Toolkit"

Operator Preview

Operator is a Linux administration tool that provides information about the local machine. Operator also gives users the ability to scan for other systems on their network, communicate securely with them and exploit security holes in vulnerable systems.

Under Construction


The Comm function allows network chatting. Communication across an internet connection is also supported. OTR (Off-The-Record) encryption is utilized to ensure nobody can decipher your messages. Chat logging will never be available.


The Info function provides local information about your system. From IP addresses and subnets to uptime a summary of your system can be generated. A local privilege escalation feature is planned to be added in the future.


A fast and lightweight scanner will provide a quick look at hosts that are alive. The passive scanner will find systems hiding behind their firewalls. The vulnerability scanner will look for common attack vectors.


The Attk function provides a handful of carefully selected exploits for Linux systems. The aim is to root the box and then upload the operator backdoor to keep the systems under your control.